Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just another day NOT in Paradise...

So, my parents are currently vacationing in Hawaii as i type this. I'm very jealous, and my dad was so kind as to send me this picture with the words "love ya!" attached to it. I'm stuck in the arctic and they're in paradise!All i have to say is i better get a freakin souvenir!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To the BEST Momma in The World

Aunt, Vic, and Mom on Ladies Night

Today is my mother's birthday. Here's to the woman who gave me life and raised me right.

Dear Mom,
I love you with all my heart and you know it! I absolutely love how you always know what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling even when i don't want you to. You're my number one fan and the world's biggest stage mom, and i love that you support me in all i do. And who can keep a straight face when you bust up at a joke or something funny that you said! I love your hysterical laugh and the way it can brighten up a room. I don't think i can express the amount of gratitude in my heart that i have for you and putting up with me and my antics (not that i had a lot). You're the world's best momma and my best girlfriend! I thank my Heavenly Father everyday because he could not have sent me to a better momma! I love you and wish you THE BEST 48th Birthday
                                     Bribri <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gloomy Days and Wednesdays

Today was just one of those roller coaster days. It started off fine and sunny, and then it took a turn for the emotionally draining. The clouds rolled in as they usually do in Rexburg, and it felt like a snow storm was approaching. I had my three difficult classes today and just wasn't in the mood to be a student. On top of feeling like not being a Grade A student, I had to attend an open lab for my anatomy class today which drained every ounce of energy i had left in me. On top of that, i was feeling a little homesick today and the it started to snow. So now as i sit here writing this, i hear the wind howling, the trees pounding against the window and i just wish i could click my red sparkly heels together and end up in San Diego for the three day weekend. Here's to wishing and hoping. Glad today is finally over!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gym Guy....

 So, theres this guy at the gym who i absolutely go gaga over everytime i see him. He's fit, athletic, tall, has a buzz cut and seems like a pretty nice,chill guy. The only problem is, i have no idea what his name is and i've never met him before, so this is going to be the challenge: I find out his name and chat him up about whatever the conversation leads into. I'm totally nervous but hopefully i pull it off to the point where i'll leave him wanting more! cross your fingers!
                                                    PEACE AND GOOD LUCK WORLD

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Roommate.

Tonight was a Ladies night and i spent it with my girls! We started off at Sammy's followed by a GREAT game of men's basketball, and ended the night by seeing The Roommate. Leighton Meester did an excellent job at being creepy because i walked out of that movie theatre hoping she would NEVER be one of my roommates! It's creepy and stupid all in one but then again what do you expect from a PG-13 teen horror film? Overall I'd say it was a pretty good Friday night with the ladies of 102, but i might have to watch my back after that movie!
               Peace and Sane, Non-Creepy Roommates World!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slip n' Slide

Today started off on a good note. Did the normal routine, took a shower and got ready for class. As I grabbed my guitar and headed out to my roommmates car (we carpool everyday), I opened the car door and stuffed my guitar in the back seat and then proceeded to get in the passenger's side. As i began to get in the car, while holding onto the door, i managed to lose my footing and slip. It was like something straight out of a movie! I went up and came right back down onto my right butt cheek, and then slid under my roomates car which was a little scary. The first thing i did after it happened was laugh. I had made it through my entire freshmen year without falling or slipping and now at the beginning of me being a Sophmore and 20, it happened, which i found abosoultely comedic. Luckily, it was just me and my roomate in the parking lot at the time so it wasn't THAT embarassing but it was quite a way to start off the day! So i guess my message is if you live anywhere where the streets are cold and icy BE CAREFUL!
                                         Peace and Gracefulness World!

Substitute the Briefcase for a backpack and make him a female and Thats pretty much how i went down

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 My roommate who is also the world's coolest yogi, showed me MC Yogi's music as we were going through her Yoga playlist the other day, and I've been listening to it non-stop! Its so amazingly fresh and like nothing I've heard before.He raps primarily about Indian culture and how to look within for your spiritual strength.  If you are up for broadening your musical selection or just looking for some good music to chill to, I recommend you look up MC Yogi!
                            Peace and Good Music World!